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Life jacket 'graveyard' shows horrific scope of refugee crisis

"People are still dying in these waters": Volunteers visit a dumping ground for fake lifejackets used by refugees fleeing to Europe.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

“Words just can’t describe how sad it is,” said Somer Sood, a volunteer with Operation Refugee Child.

Sood and other American volunteers visited a dumping ground for lifejackets used by refugees fleeing to Europe, and were saddened to learn that the ‘flotation devices’ being used by refugees were nothing more than the inner tubes of automobile tires or vests stuffed with packing material.

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Sood and her fellow volunteers were overwhelmed with emotion as they observed the dangers faced by refugees seeking safety for their families.

“They’re trying to protect their family and this is actually the safest and the only option they have is to get into a rubber dinghy that is not equipped to make it,” said Sood. “And, they’re wearing fake life jackets, and they’re just drifting in the complete darkness.”

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