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Less farting, more talking: Boys in viral video reflect on life with baby sister

To celebrate their baby sister's first birthday, the six Lair brothers made a sweet video recapping their pink, girly, wonderful year.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When Stephen and Cher Lair welcomed their first daughter, Ruby, into the world last year, their six sons weren't quite sure how their world was about to change. The brothers were interviewed by the Raleigh News & Observer, who created a viral video of their adorable comments about Ruby.

Now that Ruby has turned 1, she and her brothers are back for a followup video, and they're just as adorable a year later.

Ruby was the seventh child born to the Apex, North Carolina parents, leaving her six older brothers feeling a bit nervous about settling in with a baby sister.

On August 26, Ruby turned one, and News & Observer returned to the Lair home to chat with Jackson, 14, Campbell, 11, Sawyer, 8, Houston, 6, Shepherd, 5, and Knox, 3, about life with a little girl. The result is another adorable video, where the brothers speak about their love for their baby sister.

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"She doesn't stop talking — ever," Jackson says as Ruby babbles on his lap. "I can just tell she is gonna be tough, but she's also gonna like shopping."

Sawyer, who describes his sister as "precious as a ruby," in the first video, shares what he has learned about life with a sister underfoot.

"The thing I can't do when a lady's around is fart or burp," he says.

Knox, still a toddler himself, feeds his sister her bottle while sweetly singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

"I think she's so cute," gushes Shepherd, while Houston sweetly plays with his sister, encouraging her to wave to the camera.

"It's kind of new to me because I've grown up with five brothers...she's a lot different," explains Campbell. "She's sent from heaven. She's Ruby. She's the best thing that ever happened to me."

Ruby with her mom, Cher, dressed in pink for her first birthday party.Rebekah Tozer

Stephen Lair says it's been amazing to watch his sons bond with Ruby throughout the past year.

"From the beginning, they were very protective of her, even from each other," Lair told TODAY Parents. "Every morning when she wakes up, they climb over each other to be the first to make her smile. They love nothing more than making her smile or hearing her giggle at their antics."

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"Even Houston, who was the most suspicious of a girl joining the family, has become her fiercest protector," Lair continued.

Ruby celebrating her first birthday.Rebekah Tozer

Lair says his daughter's first birthday was a celebration fit for a princess, from the pink pinwheels spinning in the yard to the pink cake and lemonade that were served.

"We painted the town proverbial pink," said Lair. "We had a house full of people who helped us celebrate."

Still it was Lair's six sons who celebrated the most.

Ruby surrounded by her family on her birthday.Rebekah Tozer

"People are always going to joke about how I'm going to have my hands full when she start's dating, but I'm not sure it will be much of a problem," said Lair. "Having grown up in an environment where the men in her life are constantly affirming the fact that she is beautiful and precious and valuable — good luck to the suitor who would attempt to treat her otherwise."

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"These boys are setting an incredibly high standard. And I'm OK with that."