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Lauren Conrad is 'thrilled' she's having a boy: 'I think I understand boys'

The former star of "The Hills" also explains in a new interview why she's not anxious about the day she'll give birth.
/ Source: TODAY

Lauren Conrad announced last week that she and her husband, William Tell, are expecting a baby boy. It was exciting news from the 31-year-old former reality star, who was hoping to have another man in the house.

“I’m thrilled to be having a boy. I really wanted a boy,” she shared with Fit Pregnancy and Baby. “My husband kept saying, ‘We just want a healthy baby.’ And I’d say, ‘But a boy would be nice!’ I was a wild little tomboy, so I think I understand boys.”

(She understands boys ... she’s come a long way since “The Hills”!)

The fashion designer, who just launched a beach collection at Kohl’s, did have a sweet reason for wanting a baby boy in her life.

“My mom always told me that nobody loves you like a son does, especially when he’s young,” she said.

Conrad now feels ready to become a mom herself, three years after tying the knot with Tell.

“I always thought, ‘Someday, I’ll have a family.’ But it wasn’t until I was married that it was a real conversation,” she recalled. “I think your 20s are about figuring out who you are and finding a career. Then once I got married, William and I wanted a couple years to ourselves. When you’re a mother, you’re no longer your own top priority, and that idea was a little scary to me. But we’re ready for a baby now.”

Conrad was caught off-guard by one particular issue she’s had during her pregnancy. Fortunately, her mom was there for her with some delicious advice.

“Early in my pregnancy I was nauseous all day and having difficulty putting on weight, which was funny because I’ve never had that issue in my entire life! My mom told me to start drinking milkshakes and my doctor said to go for it — to have a daily milkshake.”

Conrad isn’t anxious about the day she gives birth to her child. Not one bit.

“My main concern is doing whatever’s right in the moment,” she said. “My friends have said, ‘Have a plan, but don’t be so committed that you’re unwilling to change if you need to.’ I’m not worried about the pain that comes with giving birth. Maybe I’m just naive, but it’s pretty low on my list of concerns. I feel like women have been doing this forever.”

Until she welcomes her son, LC will just go about her business ... both figuratively and literally.

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