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Watch Larry David's swear-filled read-aloud of 'F, Now There Are Two of You'

He's having a pretty, pretty good time.
/ Source: TODAY

Larry David wants to read you a bedtime story.

But this is no ordinary tale.

Adam Mansbach’s book “F—, Now There are Two of You,” the second sequel to the best-selling "Go the F to Sleep," addresses what it’s like to add a second kid to the mix — and nothing is sugarcoated. That’s why the prickly 72-year-old comedian is the perfect narrator.

"When it comes to a lament of any kind, I can't think of anyone better to express it than Larry David," David's best friend, comedy writer Alan Zweibel, told TODAY Parents. "When Adam asked if I'd try to get him to record the audio version of his latest parenting masterpiece, I immediately texted Larry, who hesitated at first and then agreed to do it as soon as I pointed out that it would be a great opportunity for him to go into a studio and b---- and moan."

Larry David voices the Dreamscape audiobook for "F, Now There Are Two of You."Courtesy of Dreamscape

Verses include: “Someday you’ll entertain one another while we chill and catch up on our reading. But for years — f------ years! — there will not be a time no one’s s------- or crying or peeing.”

David, who is best known for playing an exaggerated version of his unfiltered self in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” had a pretty, pretty, good time narrating the audiobook from Dreamscape.

“I liked it,” David declares in a video trailer. “Maybe this is a whole new thing for me. Ya know?”

Adam Mansbach's "F, Now There Are Two of You," is published by Akashic. Courtesy of Owen Brozman

Mansbach authored the 2011 New York Times bestseller “Go the F to Sleep,” which was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. Bryan Cranston recorded Mansbach’s 2014 “You have to F------ Eat.”

Mansbach, a father of three, called the Seinfeld creator a "f------- national treasure," in a press release.

"When I heard that Larry David was going to voice this book, I jumped up and down with joy — which was awkward, because I was getting a vasectomy at the time," Mansbach joked. "He did just a fantastic job as you would expect."