Lacking post-delivery duchess perfection? You're still beautiful, moms

When word went out through Twitter earlier today that Duchess Kate’s hairstylist was seen entering St. Mary’s Hospital in London, it was a clear indication that the 1-day-old royal baby would soon have his world debut in the arms of his perfectly-coiffed mom.

Within hours, there they were on the steps of the hospital. The baby, wrapped in a white blanket and raising his tiny hand, seemed to have already mastered the royal wave, as his proud parents smiled for zillions of cameras.

And, yes, Duchess Kate looked head-to-toe fabulous, from her signature flowing brown locks to her perfect makeup, to her lovely periwinkle, polka dot dress, which showed the world that baby bump does NOT go away right after the baby comes out. (Prince William looked dapper, too, and you can only love him more, after hearing that he’s already changed his first nappie, as his wife told reporters.)

While it’s easy to look at the Duchess’s post-maternity perfection and feel, well, like a commoner, most new moms know that’s not reality. Like other celebrities, royal or not, the Duchess likely had a team to get her looking like that. We asked TODAY Moms readers whether they felt pressure to look pulled-together in those first post baby days and to weigh in on the royal baby’s debut. And for most of the TODAY Moms who commented on Facebook, it seems that while they loved seeing the beautiful, happy Duchess, in their own cases, the glow of being a new mom outweighed the need for physical perfection.

Heather Blake on the day she delivered her fourth child.

Mom of four Heather Blake shared the photo, at left, of her last baby the day she was born, adding that she was so relieved she and the baby were healthy after delivery “the farthest thing from my mind was how I looked.”

And Rabia Haq commented about the royals: “Glowing....? Of course with professional make up and professional hair made by professional people. [I’m] not jealous at all...but that's the truth.”

Jo Marie Artrip appreciated that Duchess Kate “actually looked like she had just given birth,” while Janet Sielinski Ochoa gives the Duchess kudos, saying: “My face was so swollen after pushing so hard and then an epic episiotomy I could barely smile much less have flowing hair and a pretty outfit. Good for her!”

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And Wendy Brown says she could actually relate to the Duchess’ put-together look. She says that after giving birth, “I was up showered, dressed, make up on and walking around ...nurses came in to check on me and had to ask which one was the mother and said I didn’t look like I just had my first baby! I was on cloud nine!”

For Shannon Johannessen, there was no pressure to look great walking out of the hospital, but more of a need to feel comfortable. She says, “I certainly didn't wear heels out of the hospital. Honestly, I think I spent more time picking out my baby's coming home outfit.”

TODAY Moms reader Jo Ann Fournier-Kirkpatrick says that, ultimately, she felt she looked fabulous, “because I just had given LIFE to something! We all look beautiful in the eyes of our children.”