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Danielle Lucia Schaffer

Doctor's orders: Date your husband!

"Now that you have four children, you will be engulfed with living for them," my doctor told me. "I want you to go out with your husband with NO kids. NO baby!"...

Shutterstock / Syda Productions

Too sick for school? Here’s how to tell

Dr. Tanya Altmann describes the most common symptoms kids have at this time of year, with guidance on when to keep them home and when to see the pediatrician....

Maureen Paschal / Raising the Capable Student

Why I (really, truly) love the middle school years

Perhaps the best part of middle school is that the real pressures haven’t started yet. No college pressures are bearing down yet, no one is driving yet, and...

Heather Dixon

I suck at being a friend right now

I’m in the weeds. I’m knee-deep in parenting little kids who need me for pretty much everything right now. But this stage in life — it doesn’t last forever....

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