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Courtesy Lauren Eberspacher

The body I've always wanted: Size Mom

While I may not be able to do five pull-ups, I can rock a sick baby. All. Night. Long. And while I may be a little squishy around my tummy, my kids have more...

Brenna Fender

When great swimmers drown

My daughter is a Junior Olympic-level synchronized swimmer. She’s been an accomplished swimmer since she was a toddler. So, of all the things I have worried...

Coutesy Leigh Ann Torres

9 years after the NICU, we are still affected

My girls don't look like preemies anymore. There is little physical evidence that they started their lives two months early. Yet the ramifications of their...

Lauri Walker / Mama Needs a Nap

Parenting can break you — don't give up

There will be moments as a parent when you will feel crushed. There will be hours, days, when you doubt everything you are doing. Don't walk away.

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