Kristen Bell asks for help getting Vaseline out of daughter's hair

This is apparently a rite of passage for parents... just ask Savannah.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Rachel Paula Abrahamson

When it comes to Vaseline, the possibilities are boundless. Beyoncé rubs petroleum jelly on her teeth, while Jennifer Aniston coats her lashes with it. Tyra Banks has been known to sleep with the stuff on her face.

Kristen Bell, mom of Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5, revealed on Monday that one of her girls is also a big fan. But you probably don't want to try her beauty hack.

Kristen Bell took to Instagram asking for help after one of her daughters gave herself a Vaseline hair wash. kristenanniebell/Instagram

“My daughter just washed her hair with Vaseline and I can’t get it out,” Bell, 39, revealed on her Instagram Stories. “Does anyone have tips on how to get it out?”

In the next clip, Bell is seen raking her fingers through the greasy mess. “I washed it three times now, but it’s not getting better,” she said.

But everything turned out OK, thanks to “The Good Place” star’s Instagram followers, who were happy to offer solutions.

“The consensus was dish soap and I appreciate that. Very grateful for you guys, because I don’t know what I’m doing," Bell admitted.

Savannah Guthrie found herself in a similar situation back in 2017, when her daughter, Vale, was 2.

“Dear Internet, let’s say, hypothetically, your toddler put Aquaphor and Vicks VaporRub on her hair. How do we get it out?” Savannah wrote on Twitter at the time.

Suggestions included baby powder, cornstarch, and coconut oil. Dawn dish soap was the most recommended remedy.

Later that day, Savannah shared a progress picture, in which Vale's brown waves appear only slightly coated.

“Update: Dawn didn’t take all the grease 'out of the way' but helped,” Savannah wrote. “Just 44 more washes and we should be good.”

Jana Rago, owner of Jana Rago Studios in Boston, recommends rubbing hair with makeup remover wipes after its been washed with a clarifying shampoo

"Run as many wipes as you need through the hair starting at the root," Rago told TODAY Parents. To soak up excess oil, dab baby powder to where the Vaseline was applied.

"You may need to do this process a few times," she explained.