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Kristen Bell reveals how young daughter ended up in the emergency room

The actress and mom of two had high praise for the hospital that "made us feel safe."
/ Source: TODAY

Nothing hurts a parent more than an injury to their child, and that's something Kristen Bell is well aware of today.

That's because one of her two daughters recently suffered an injury so serious that the little girl landed in the ER.

"First emergency room visit," Bell wrote alongside a photo from the hospital. "One hairline fracture and a finger smushed so hard in the door it popped like a jelly donut."

The pic that accompanied the message showed Bell making a sad face alongside her daughter, whose face is obscured by an equally sad-looking emoji to protect her privacy — as both Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, are cautious about sharing images of their children online.

While the 39-year-old didn't reveal which of her two daughters — Lincoln, 6, or Delta, 4 — required the medical attention, she named names when it came to the ER staff at Children's Hospital L.A. who came to their rescue.

"Thank you so much to @childrensla for the amazing care, thank u Dr. Olsen, and Sonia our child life specialist," Bell wrote. "Did you know that when you enter the emergency room at @childrensla you immediately get a 'Child Life Specialist' trained to make sure your child knows what happening? And to make sure you understand all of what's happening and your choices? It made us feel so safe."

"The Good Place" star called it "excellent care all around."

After sharing that message, Bell explained that there was one thing that she wouldn't share, a photo of the actual injury her daughter sustained. But even though she didn't offer up a pic of it, be warned — she painted a cringe-worthy picture with her words.

Bell wrote, "I'm not attaching a pic of the finger because there was literally burger popping out all over and it as pretty gross."

Ouch! (And ew!) Here's hoping that heals soon.