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Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's daughter hilariously interrupt TODAY interview with Al

"Hold on," Bell tells Al Roker before disappearing from the screen.
/ Source: TODAY

In the past year and a half, parents have learned firsthand that working from home can be tough when kids are around — and celebrities are no exception.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's interview with TODAY's Al Roker took a hilarious turn when their daughter interrupted her mom and dad while the cameras were rolling.

In a clip of the interview, which airs Thursday, a knock can be heard in the background. "A child at the door," Bell says and puts her hand on her forehead. "Even though they know they know they can't come up here," Shepard adds.

"Hold on," Bell tells Al, who laughs as the couple stands and disappears from the screen for a few moments.

Then Bell pops her head back into the camera's view and explains, "I said, 'We're on TV right now. We're on the news,' and she said," — here Bell bows her head and puts on a sad, soft voice — "'OK.'"

Shepard and Bell, who have two daughters, didn't say which girl was at the door or what she wanted, although they do have a hunch, which they revealed to Al.

"This, I'm sure, is about the doll's birthday," Bell says as she sits back down. "We found out yesterday that it's her doll's birthday, and now we have to order a cake. She's taking it very seriously."

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The couple's older daughter is 8-year-old Lincoln. Their younger daughter, 6, is Delta, which Bell earlier this summer called "a big, big bummer," as she shares her name with the highly transmissible coronavirus variant that's surging across the country.

The TV star couple made headlines just last week when they revealed that they — along with a number of celebritiesdon't bathe their children every day.

Shepard said that "sometimes five, six days" will pass without his daughters bathing, while Bell confirmed: "I just wait for the stink."

Tune into TODAY Thursday to see the couple's full interview with Al.