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/ Source: TODAY
By Megan Colarossi

If you have a teenager then you know all too well that getting them to do anything around the house can be a major battle. Teens are not only raging with a ton of hormones, but they are also inundated with lots of homework, scheduled up the wazoo, and are so wrapped up in technology that I bet you can barely get a hello out of them when they walk through the door.

So how will your chick survive when they fly the coop and head off to college? It’s our job as parents to not only lay a strong moral foundation, but to also give them the tools they need to make it on their own. In short, they need domestic skills because mom and dad are no longer around to cook, clean and wipe their noses!

One concern parents might have is will their child eat nutritious and balanced meals. (NOTE: Chips, soda and fast food do not count as “balanced meals”!) So one thing to do is give them a crash course in the kitchen. See our latest Parental Guidance video for our kitchen tips for teens. Here are a few more cool tricks to help get your loved one started:

1. Iron cooking, two ways

1. Wrap bacon in foil and use the iron to cook it thoroughly.

2. Wrap panini sandwich in foil and use the iron to heat it.

2. The perfect sandwich

To make the perfect toast for a sandwich, place two slices of bread in a single toaster slot. Voila, the bread gets toasty on the outside, but stays soft and chewy on the inside.

3. Microwave magic

Need ramen noodles for two, pronto? Maximize your microwave space by placing one bowl on a cup (so it's higher) and the other bowl next to it.

Do you have any great kitchen tricks or stories that might help other parents who are sending their teen off to college? Do you have an idea for an upcoming Parental Guidance? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ParentalGuidance: @megancolarossi, @williegeist, @today_parents. As we all know, being a parent is the toughest job in the world, but it’s totally worth the wild ride especially when we get a little help from a friend!