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Kindergarten teacher goes viral for her endless patience, enthusiasm

Mackenzie Adams' energy in her now-viral video is contagious.
The teacher has a great approach to remote learning.
The teacher has a great approach to remote learning.TODAY/ @kenziiewenz/ TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

Getting kids excited about virtual learning isn't exactly easy, but Mackenzie Adams sure makes it look effortless.

Earlier this week, the kindergarten teacher went viral after she posted a TikTok video of herself energetically interacting with her students during the remote school day.

During the short clip, the teacher in Lake Stevens, Washington, enthusiastically encourages her class to participate as during a lesson. "Oh! I see Brin is holding up the number 2 and 2," she says while holding up two fingers on both hands. "That will also make 4!"

The 24-year-old's animated approach to virtual learning has won the hearts of social media users; the video has more than 9 million views and 2 million likes. Adams called in to the 3rd hour of TODAY this morning to discuss the video and her contagious teaching skills.

When asked how she keeps her energy up during the remote school day, Adams answered with a smile and said the kids give her the energy.

"I feed right off of them. Seeing their smiles and their laughter, it makes me just want to put more of a show on for them, make sure that they're having fun and that they're engaging and learning," she said.


my facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning ##onlineschool ##fyp ##teacher

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For the time being, Adams' school is only offering remote learning. She said it's been a bit of an adjustment since classes began on Sept. 2.

"It's challenging, definitely, but I would say that we're getting there, we're making it through," Adams said. "It's a whole new world going from a classroom to everything online."

Still, she said it's been a bit easier than it was last spring when schools had to quickly pivot to remote learning.

"It's an easier transition this fall because there’s been time to ramp up and prepare, even for the for kids," Adams said. "In the spring it was one day in class — the next day online, so that was very jarring and more disruptive."

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thanks for all the kind words about teachers 💛 in case anyone wanted to stay on kindergarten TikTok here’s a lesson from today ##onlineschool

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Adams said that when she filmed her video, she never intended for it to go viral.

"I honestly just wanted to see what I looked like while teaching, kind of just as a reflection tool. I wanted to see, 'Am I being energetic enough for them? Am I engaging enough?'" she said.

But it's taken off pretty quickly and has even caught the attention of several celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, who applauded Adams for her work.

"I hate that kids are losing so much valuable social time out in the world but man, love teachers so much. Making it work," Teigen wrote.

Actor Elizabeth Banks also sent love to the teacher, writing, "The patience. Bless you teachers one and all."

As her video continues to blow up, Adams is feeling grateful. She said she hopes it shows just how hard teachers work.

"I'm honestly just blown away and I love all the support," she said. "I've been reading all the nice comments and I'm really hoping that teachers are getting the recognition that they deserve right now."