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6 surprising things about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy weight gain

Kim Kardashian Talks About Pregnancy Weight Gain
Kim Kardashian Talks About Pregnancy Weight GainGetty Images / Today

Even though she gave birth to baby North four months ago, everyone still seems to be talking about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy weight gain—including Kim Kardashian. Here's what she recently revealed:

1. She had preeclampsia. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (via theDaily Mail), she confirmed that the condition, which can be life-threatening to both baby and mom, was why she delivered five weeks prematurely. Swelling is one symptom of preeclampsia, something the star complained of via social media during her pregnancy, noting her "pregnancy lips."

2. All that fat shaming was hard. First, who does that? She wasn’t fat, she was pregnant, but that didn't stop people from being incredibly cruel about Kardashian’s 50-pound pregnancy weight gain. One photo of the star in a black and white dress was pictured side by side next to a whale. "It really hurt my soul," she told Jay Leno. "It changed how I am in public. I've tried to live more of a private life."

3. She stepped away from the spotlight. Kardashian told the Associated Press back in January that being pregnant made her want to seek out a lower profile. “I think that definitely kicks in where you're like, 'Okay, I have to go in protect mode,' and as ironic as it sounds, you live your life on a reality show but then when you grow up ... certain things change your life that make you want to be more private and this is definitely one of them," she told the news service.

4. Well, some of the time. Of course, while pregnant, Kardashian didn’t cut off the cameras altogether. Photographed wearing everything from figure-clutching dresses to itty-bitty bikinis, she also posed in edgy photos for Karl Lagerfeld for a new magazine, CR Fashion Book, just a month before North was born.

5. She went on the Atkins diet. After delivering her baby, Kardashian told Leno this week she has lost 50 pounds thanks to the high protein, low carb diet, a plan, she added, she had formerly had success with as a college student. “I've actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it,” she tweeted earlier this month. She also has said she does workouts with celeb trainer (and Gwyneth Paltrow partner) Tracy Anderson, according to Us Weekly

6. But, her body confidence seems just fine. During that Leno appearance, Kardashian wore a super sexy, see-through white lace dress worn over a black lingerie. She’s also been posting scantily clad pics on her Instagram page. One, in a revealing white bathing suit, showed both side boob and that infamous bootie. As she told Leno: "This is my big, like, middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat."

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