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Kids' sweet note to injured officer goes viral: 'Thanks for being like a dad'

/ Source: TODAY

Kids (sometimes) say the sweetest things.

A Connecticut police officer with a passion for helping children posted an adorable note two siblings wrote him while he was recovering from a knee injury. In the letter, which has been "liked" hundreds of times on Facebook, 8-year-old Malik and 9-year-old Tasha thank Officer Anthony Nolan for "being like a dad for us" and reading to them.

Nolan, who was injured when he fell at a traffic stop a couple of weeks ago, told he was surprised when he recently found the letter duct-taped to his front door.

"We walked up the stairs and I was like, what in the world is on the door? After seeing it, it was a little emotional," Nolan said. "Guys, we like to have our egos, but it took my ego away."

Nolan, an officer for the New London Police Department, said he first met the siblings while working on the beach a couple of years ago.

"I heard crying and when I approached them and asked the person who I assumed was their grandmother what happened, she explained that their book got wet and they didn't get to read it," he said. "I tried to calm them down because it seemed like the book was important to them."

That sparked a conversation about books and reading, and ever since then, Nolan has been visiting the children at least once a week to read or take them to the park or for walks on the beach. He said he volunteers with many children in the New London area, especially ones who don't have a father figure, or who live with a single parent or another relative who could use some help.

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"It just alleviates a bit of pressure for them," Nolan said.

Nolan's kindness has won him several fans on Facebook — supporters who commented on the photo he posted called him a "great man" and a "true leader."

"I am so happy the NL youth have someone like you around!" one woman wrote.

And of course, Malik and Tasha are also grateful, and eager for Nolan to get better so he can come over and read to them again.

"I don't have a dad only you read to me," the note read. "I will tell police station boss to not make you work in danger cause that best for you. I can ask my doctor to make you better he is good [sic]."

The children, who live with their grandmother, also taped change to the letter to buy Nolan a cup of coffee.