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Kids surprise stepfather with request to legally adopt them

This Father’s Day will be an extra special one for the family after their sweet “dad-posal.”
/ Source: TODAY

When Melody Powell married her husband, Frank, back in 2014, she knew she was gaining more than a partner for herself. The mother of two was also bringing a father figure into the lives of her two children.

But recently she learned that her daughter, Sarah, and son, Will, viewed Frank as more than that. The teens thought him as their dad, and they wanted him to think of himself that way, too.

So, after six years of living with Frank as their stepfather, the duo did what felt right and staged a “dad-posal” to make it official.

As a video from that sweet event proves, sealing the deal with an adoption was a moving prospect to Frank and one he was only too happy to make. But the truth is, he had long thought of Sarah and Will as his own.

Kids surprise stepfather with request to legally adopt them
Will and Sarah pictured after Frank popped the question to their mother more than seven years ago. TODAY

Frank, who already had one son of his own when he entered their lives, knew that the moment he committed to Melody, he was committing to her children, too.

“I walked in with the idea that I wanted to be their father,” he recalled in an interview that aired Monday morning on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. “As an educator my whole life, I love children. She was going to be my wife for the rest of my life, so that was the mentality, that I knew they were going to be my kids so I was going to treat them as such.”

And after years of putting that sentiment into action, the kids truly felt it.

“He was in our family, and he was our, like, dad at home,” Sarah recalled. “So I went and asked my mom, ‘Do you think he could officially adopt us?’"

Will was on board, and the pair decided to pop the question over the PA system at the South Carolina school where Frank teaches, saying, “Attention, attention! Frank Powell, this is Sarah and Will Oliver. We would like to ask you to please officially become our dad and adopt us.”

That earned them a group hug and a resounding yes.

Kids surprise stepfather with request to legally adopt them
Another proposal, another "yes."TODAY

“I think a father is important no matter what age you are,” Will told TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. “Whether you're 6 or 16 or 26, it's always important to have someone strong, who can help you and love and care for you.”

His parents couldn’t agree more.

“I can be a great mom for Sarah and Will, but I couldn't offer that male role model to my children growing up,” mom Melody noted. “It's just nice for Will to have this role model of what a man is, and it was so great for Sarah. She has this beautiful example of what one day to look for in a husband.”

Kids surprise stepfather with request to legally adopt them
A beautiful blended family.TODAY

Frank added, “We have each other, and we're always going to have each other's back. We are always going to do we need to do to take care of each other. It's just a wonderful blended family of love.”

Happy Father’s Day to Frank — and to all the other dads, stepdads and various father figures out there!