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Kids scared of Santa: 15 photos of hilarious ho-ho-horror

They're going to grow up to love Santa, of course. But for now, the strange man in a red suit doesn't suit these babies and toddlers at all.

So they're not having it and they're letting the world know! Santa’s reaction is often priceless, too. So are the efforts of parents to calm, soothe and plead with their children to pose for that perfect Christmas photo.

We asked you to submit your favorite "scared of Santa" photos on the TODAY Parents Facebook page and the response was huge. 

Just to repeat the disclaimer: This isn't about frightening young kids in order to get a funny or cute photo, but sometimes the child who has been begging to see Santa suddenly decides that the big guy is actually terrifying in person. You just have to roll with it.

Here are 15 of our favorite photos:

"At least we now know his teeth are looking good!" Erin 'Wichman' Mohwinkle writes.Today
Notice the older child's perfect ear-plugging technique.Today
"After I put the baby in Santa's lap, Santa looked at me and said, 'Your other one's making a run for it!!' I chased down my toddler, put him on Santa's lap, and said, 'Just take the picture!'" Katelyn Sooter Parks writes.Today
A grown up providing a buffer zone seems to be helping a little.Today
The "Home Alone" face.Today
"This is my 14-month-old son Zane throwing a tantrum in the floor because he didn't like Santa," Mary Hibbets writes.Today
Other kids seemed to be impressed by the floor technique.Today
Now Santa is crying, too.Today
Trying to wrangle triplets for a picture with Santa isn't easy! "Poor son elbowed him right in the jingle bells!! The elves gave us the picture for free. Said it was the best laugh they ever had!" Denise Neal writes.Today
Another trio not thrilled to be there.Today
Smile, pretty please?Today
They're having a blue Christmas...Today
"Not a fan of the big guy. Just turned 1 so maybe next year will be better," Meagan Maus Tiffany writes.Today
One child out of four is enjoying this experience.Today
In 2009 Matt Kane launched a creepy Santa website which hosts different Santa themed photos, which are submitted to him from the people photographed, friends, or family members

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