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'What the heck is that thing?' Watch kids try to use VCRs

Today's kids are used to services like Netflix, so many haven't even heard of the VCRs that were once needed to watch movies.
/ Source: TODAY

Today's kids are used to the convenience of services like Netflix and Hulu, so many haven't even heard of the VCRs — that stands for videocassette recorder, to refresh your memory — that once required a drive to the local video store to rent movies on videotapes.

In the latest installment of the Fine Brothers' "Kids React" YouTube series, a group of children examine the device, which they clearly find tedious — especially upon learning that they have to bother connecting it to a television set before using it.

"Oh no," exclaims 6-year-old Max. "That's going to be so boring!"

Lucas, 7, concurs, adding, "It's hard work."

In fact, they're not even impressed that the player allows you to record TV shows. When asked how to do that now, 10-year-old Krischelle replies, "It's called a record button on your remote."

Finally, the young entertainment fans weigh in on why VCRs are rarely used these days.

Sydney, 7, succinctly proclaims, "Because we have made better things."