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This kids' menu perfectly sums up the challenges of dining out with kids

A Pennsylvania deli is going viral for its funny kids' menu offering children options like the "I Don't Care" and the "I'm Not Hungry."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Ask any parent who has taken their kids to a restaurant and they'll tell you the struggle of getting kids to decide what they want to order is real.

Luckily for parents in Altoona, Pennsylvania, The Deli Mansion Park has them covered. The family-owned restaurant revamped its offerings in late September, adding a kids' menu with options like the "I Don't Care" — chicken tenders and fries — and the "I'm Not Hungry" — a grilled cheese.

The Deli Mansion Park released their new kids' menu in late September.Angel Stroh

After Reddit user nabced posted a photo of the menu last week, the funny food selections went viral, leaving Angel Stroh, who owns the restaurant with her mother, surprised by the attention.

"We didn't have a kids menu prior to this," Stroh told TODAY Parents. "We wanted to add something that the parents could order for kids without paying for a meal that would go to waste."

Two popular items from the restaurant's kids' menu are the "I Don't Know" and the "I Don't Care," pictured here.Angel Stroh
Other offerings on the restaurant's kids' menu are the "I'm Not Hungry," and the "I Don't Want That."Angel Stroh

The menu was the idea of Stroh's brother, Brian Stroh, who manages the restaurant. And, at $3.50 per meal, the deli truly does offer parents an inexpensive — and amusing — way to feed their children.

Brian Stroh and his daughter, Brianna.Angel Stroh

"Dealing with our own kids and dealing with the public day to day you do observe kids and how they decide on what to eat," said Stroh. "Brian just figured he would help the parents out a little bit"

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"We are all just blown away at how fast this menu has spread online — it's so unexpected the attention it has received. I guess he put into words what some parents are thinking sometimes."

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