'These wet spots are my tears': You gotta love kids' letters from camp

For a kid, camp can be a trying time. 

Luckily, the time-old tradition of letter writing allows them to let their parents know how much fun they are (or aren't) having.

Watch video: Carson Daly shows off kids' hilarious letters from camp

These Throwback Thursday letters you sent from kids at camp are hilarious, heartbreaking and everything inbetween — and just might top this one that went viral last month.  

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This was my much-anticipated letter from my daughter.
He used only 1/4 of a page! I guess he was really annoyed!
From my niece Caileigh, who was 9 at the time. She wrote identical distress letters to about 10 different family members.
10 year old's Letter to her Grandparents...we're not sure if she's at camp or Coachella!



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