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Kids gone wild! Sheinelle and Dylan share their favorite messy moments

Inspired by a hilarious roundup of messes made by mischievous toddlers, the Weekend TODAY anchors shared their own disasters.
/ Source: TODAY

We all know kids can be a little messy.

But we'd almost forgotten just how messy until this Daily Mail roundup of the chaos caused by mischievous toddlers while parents' backs were turned.

Weekend TODAY anchors Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer aren't immune to the madness. On Saturday's show, Sheinelle revealed that about a year ago, she discovered that one of her kids had drawn a smiley face on her sofa.

Sheinelle wasn't feeling so smiley about it. But when she confronted her crew, no one seemed to be responsible. Very mysterious.

Dylan's son, Calvin, is still at an age where the messes he makes are on himself.

Baby Calvin test-drives the latest beauty trend: a blueberry face mask!TODAY

But boy, is he good at it!

All things considered, Sheinelle and Dylan had it easy compared to whoever had to scrub this little girl. She looks a little pale after stumbling on an abandoned bucket of paint ...

We know white is the color of innocence, but ...Split Pics.UK

Or the dad who came outside to find this very sweet, very irreversible “I love my Dad” message scratched into the side of his car with a screwdriver.

If she wasn't so cute, she'd be screwed!Split Pics.UK

These two kids tried to get ahead of the mess by taking charge of bath time ...

And we thought the dog drinking the toilet water was bad.Split Pics.UK

We just hope that toilet was cleaned recently.

Sometimes we wish we could cut loose like we were kids again. But other times, we're really glad we know better than to pull these shenanigans!