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By Brooke Sassman

Attention, parents of America!

Kid President Robby Novak has a very important message for you. It's time to cut out the "half vacations", "vague-cations" and "fake-cations". This summer is all about whole vacations.

The popular Internet personality is back Tuesday with a new YouTube video about what kids really want from upcoming summer trips, so parents, take note.

The three-minute video reminds viewers that summer vacations aren’t about exotic locations or three-story sand castles, but about families spending times together.

“Let’s all put our camera phones down,” he says in the video, a request that seems to be more difficult in today’s digital age.

With his brother-in-law Brad Montague, Robby has been releasing his “Kid President” videos since 2012, and in the years since, he’s given viewers pep talks, interviewed celebrities and even met President Obama. While the project has made Robby's “Kid President” persona well-known throughout the country, the videos have a special meaning for him and his family.


“Robby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (a brittle bone condition),” Montague told TODAY in 2013, after he created the "Kid President" series. “He has had over 75 breaks since he was born. Our first videos spread because our family and friends knew how much this little guy has been through. To hear him say, ‘Less complaining, more dancing’ has weight to it. He shouldn't be running — yet you see in the video that he is.

So take it from Robby: Soak up your vacations this year with your family. Here are three tips Robby and Brad gave to to help nail your family trip this summer.

3 tips to nailing the perfect "whole vacation"

1. Take lots of games to play with each other. Just don’t take games that will make you fight. —Robby

2. Go somewhere and stay somewhere that allows you to relax and be together.—Brad

3. Laugh a lot.—Robby

“We really just want to spend time with you,” Robby reminds parents in the video. “Yeah, you.”