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Kid President gets support from constituents after surgery

As Robby Novak recovers from major surgery, the YouTube star and his family are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from fans.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

While 'Kid President' Robby Novak spends his time encouraging others to be thankful for what they have and do awesome things in the world, the YouTube sensation has his own reason to be grateful this week: the overwhelming support of his constituents while recovering from major surgery.

Robby was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a bone condition that causes breaks and fractures. While Robby has had many surgeries and breaks throughout his life, his most recent surgery was major, requiring the replacement of a rod in his femur.

A post to the Kid President Facebook page earlier this week informed followers that Robby would be having the operation, and offered an address where cards, good wishes and pep talks cold be sent.

Brad Montague, the creator of Kid President and Robby's brother-in-law, says he posted the address at the urging of fans, and has been overwhelmed by the responses that have poured in.

"Many kids who watch our videos do not have social media accounts to comment, but they do have construction paper and crayons," Montague told TODAY Parents. "It's been so sweet to see them pour their hearts out to cheer Robby on."

Montague and Robby began Kid President in 2012. Montague says throughout the project, it has been powerful for himself and Robby to see the impact we all have to influence each other's lives for the better.

"I've learned, over the course of this experience, that many things are contagious, but hope and joy and love are the best kind of contagious," said Montague. "To know that these videos have touched so many lives is something I'll never fully be able to comprehend. However, at a time like this when our family really needed some encouragement, we experienced an avalanche of love."

Montague posted a video update on Robby's condition to Facebook today, sharing that Robby is recovering well and highlighting a few of the cards and well wishes his brother-in-law has received during the past week.

"In the midst of a week that has been very difficult, we're so full of gratitude," said Montague. "It's so encouraging to see people rally together to lift up a kid in need. This has meant so much to our entire family. We are overwhelmed with love."

Cards for Robby can be sent to: Kid President, PO Box 41791, Memphis, TN 38174