This kid absolutely kills it dancing to 'Cuban Pete,' has best pool day ever

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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

While we really don't recommend dancing poolside (it's dangerous), we're pretty sure that if everyone were blessed with this kid's moves, lifeguards around the world would be making exceptions on a regular basis.

Because...this is...just...well. Watch and see.

The video itself has minimal context. Its caption translates to "My nephew Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia, dancing somewhere in Monterey," and links to Guillermo's apparently long-forsaken Facebook profile. But who needs context when you've got boatloads of charisma, near-constant shimmying, and a one-man conga line?

There's also a particularly inspired shuffle-ball-change moment and — wait for it — a cartwheel. Is this little guy getting paid? He should be.

Guillermo, we salute you. You're a regular Fred Astaire. We'll just hope you're at least wearing sunscreen.