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See Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg attempt karate with brutally honest 'twinjas'

It's safe to say Hart doesn't have a future in the martial arts.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s a good thing Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg aren’t overly sensei-tive. On Tuesday’s episode of their Peacock show, “Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg,” the duo got schooled by two 9-year-old siblings, who are known as the “Twinjas.”

In the clip, Oliver and Jonathan Ho attempt to teach Hart, 42, and Snoop Dogg, 49, a series of karate moves. But things get off to a rocky start for Hart when he has trouble getting into the proper pose for horse-stance punching.

“That just looks like you’re constipated,” one brother says. The boys then make noises like they're trying to go to the bathroom, as Snoop Dogg chuckles quietly.

“What’s your problem?” Hart teases. “Are we here to attack? Are we here to attack me and my form or are we here to help?”

"Olympics Highlights" co-hosts Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg attempted karate.
"Olympics Highlights" co-hosts Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg attempted karate. Peacock

For their final lesson, the Twinjas demonstrate how to do what they call “the most basic kick.”

“For basic people like you,” one twin says, pointing directly at Hart.

Poor Hart strikes out once again, but Snoop Dogg appears to nail the move and earns an enthusiastic “Yes!” from the Twinjas.

That doesn't sit well with Hart, who has been the butt of all the jokes.

"All right, Snoop, since you want to be teacher's pet, how 'bout we wrap it up? OK, 'Mr. I’m All of a Sudden a Karate Master'?" Hart cracked.

At the start of the segment, Snoop Dogg introduced the talented twins as “future Olympians,” a nod to karate making its debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games.