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Kelly Rowland shares how her friends have influenced her journey to motherhood

In 2014, Kelly embraced a new role: motherhood.
/ Source: TODAY

From topping the charts as a member of Destiny's Child to producing a show on BET, Kelly Rowland has taken on many different roles throughout her time in the spotlight.

But in 2014, she embraced a new one for which none of her past experiences could have prepared her: motherhood.

Kelly sat down with the TODAY Parenting Team to discuss the many ways her life changed after she became a mom to baby boy Titan. She made sure to discuss the incredibly supportive role her friends (and former Destiny's Child bandmates!) have played: Beyoncé and Michelle Williams are, according to Rowland, "gems."

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Jumping off of the idea that true friends are important for new mothers, Rowland also expressed that she made the decision to get pregnant after a friend simply commented that she should go ahead and have the baby.

And don't forget the most important change in her life: patience! "I was wondering if I was going to have enough," she mused, before explaining that she did indeed grow into a more patient person after having a child. "I have so much of it ... You don't want [your kids] to feel rushed into anything."

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Overall, motherhood's brought its shares of surprises and new experiences to Rowland, as it does to any new mom. But her son's arrival undoubtedly was, and continues to be, "just the most amazing moment of my life."

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