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Kelly Rowland talks about giving birth on Zoom: 'The proper angle only'

Family members didn't want to miss the occasion, so the Destiny’s Child singer made sure everyone was there.
Image: Today - Season 68
Kelly Rowland on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.Nathan Congleton / Today

During the coronavirus pandemic, many women had to be alone or only have one family member with them as they gave birth — but Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland came up with a creative solution to make sure all of her loved ones were in the room when her second son, Noah, was born.

Rowland shared some details about her January birth during an appearance on Ellen with guest host Kalen Allen.

"The last time, when I had (first son) Titan, my family was in there, and this time they weren't," Rowland said. "Everybody was feeling a way about that, because we like to be at each other's births. So yeah, we got on Zoom and everyone was there."

Rowland joked that she used "the proper angle only," but didn't share any more details about what a virtual birth actually looked like. Now, though, her whole family is home together and "really happy."

"I'm happy, and my son is absolutely in love with his baby brother, and we're just really happy," Rowland said. "It's really sweet. The house is very sweet. I love it."

Rowland also confirmed that Noah has met Destiny's Child members Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams.

"I have pictures, of course, of them holding him and just loving on him and hugging him and everything," Rowland said.

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"I always say, Destiny's Child is one thing, that's singing together and winning awards and everything like that, but the friendship that we share still to this day, I just can't even tell you," Rowland continued. "I love my girls, my sisters."

At Allen's request, Rowland confirmed that the three stars do share a group chat, but it doesn't have a name yet. Allen suggested going with a more grown-up version of their original group name.

"You grown women now, so it should be Destiny's Women," he joked.