Kelly Clarkson talks motherhood on TODAY: 'I cry at everything'

/ Source: TODAY

Having two kids of her own and raising two stepchildren has brought a lot of love to Kelly Clarkson's life, but motherhood has also brought a lot tears — happy ones, sad ones, just-because ones.

The "Piece by Piece" singer shed a few during a Monday morning visit to TODAY, and she opened up about just how easy those emotional moments come to her now.

"Ever since having kids, I cry at everything," she said shortly after performing a song that had her doing just that. "I can't control it."

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With a song like "It's Quiet Uptown" — a track she reworked for the upcoming "Hamilton Mixtape" album — about the death of a son, it's no wonder she couldn't hold back the waterworks.

"It's hard sometimes, if it's that emotional — especially after having kids," the 34-year-old explained. "I don't know what it is, like my hormones. I cry so easily. It’s like every emotion is 1,000 percent more."

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But it doesn't take a sad song like that to make it happen. After all, just reminiscing about her family's recent visit to the White House moved her as she retold how kind President Obama was to her stepson.

"He was so nice," she said. "He had a full conversation with our 10-year-old boy who was on cloud nine. ... See, I'll cry again! What's wrong with me? I better not be pregnant!"

And you better not take that seriously — Clarkson was quick to point out that she was just joking about the possibility of another baby on the way.

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As she pointed out during another recent visit to TODAY, that's no longer in the cards for her and husband Brandon Blackstock.

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"I literally told (the doctor) on the table, 'You make sure this can't happen again!'" she said after giving birth to son Remy in the spring.

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