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Katie Lee opens up about pregnancy: 'I've never felt better about my body'

Before sharing one of her most popular recipes, the Food Network star spoke to Hoda and Jenna about finding joy during her pregnancy while in quarantine.
Chef Katie Lee updated Hoda and Jenna about her pregnancy during quarantine.
Chef Katie Lee updated Hoda and Jenna about her pregnancy during quarantine.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Chef Katie Lee is celebrating "every moment of joy" she can during the last months of her pregnancy.

The co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen" appeared remotely on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Thursday to discuss her "easiest salmon recipe ever," but before she shared the delicious details, she spoke to the fourth hour co-hosts about her pregnancy.

"We're so excited," Lee gushed. "And, you know, I feel like the best thing about being home during this time is that I don't ever have to put on tight clothes! I get to just keep growing and wearing sweatpants!"

The 38-year-old has documented her pregnancy journey on Instagram, featuring the comfortable outfits she praised during the segment.

Lee, who struggled with infertility in the past, added that she is genuinely enjoying the current stages of her pregnancy.

"I am (happy)," she said, in response to a question from Hoda Kotb. "I feel really good. ... I've never felt better about my body than right now, and I just love being pregnant. I'm enjoying every moment of it.

"It's a strange time — and obviously there's a lot of anxiety about everything going on in the world — but I'm just trying to have every moment of joy that I can," she continued.

Lee and her husband, Ryan Biegel, are expecting a baby girl on Labor Day.

In an Instagram post in March, Lee admitted she had "never imagined" spending her pregnancy in lockdown.

"...I am counting my blessings every single day," she wrote. "I keep thinking about all of the women who are giving birth right now or about to deliver and how scared they must be to be in a hospital at this time. I am praying for all of you and giving thanks to all of those doctors, nurses, and health care workers out there risking their lives to keep all of us safe."