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Katie Lee responds to mom shamer who says she's holding her newborn too much

The Food Network star reminded her followers that social media only shows snippets of anyone's life, not the whole picture.
/ Source: TODAY

Katie Lee is not here for mom shaming.

That's the message the Food Network star sent after a comment from a stranger on Instagram speculated she may be holding her newborn, Iris, too much.

Lee, 39, and her husband Ryan Biegel welcomed Iris Marion Biegel, their first child, on September 2. In the past, Lee has been open about struggling with infertility.

In a direct message Lee shared in her Instagram stories, a stranger who follows her wrote, "I'm sure you've been told this but it's not good to hold Iris so much. She needs time for her back/spine/stomach and muscles to develop... not a 'Karen' just trying to help."

Lee's response reminded her followers once again that social media only shows snippets of anyone's life, not the whole picture. "Mom shame, much? Not to worry, my baby gets plenty of tummy time, activity time, etc." she wrote.

Katie Lee shared a message from a follower who speculated she was holding her newborn daughter Iris too much. katieleebiegel/ Instagram

Studies have shown that holding babies has a strong calming effect on them, regardless of age and has long-term positive effects. Researchers in 2013 observed that when infants are carried by caregivers, their heart rates slow down, showing evidence of a calming effect, and they stop squirming and crying.

Another of Lee's followers saw her post and sent her a different kind of message. "I held my baby boy through naps for months!" she wrote. "I was like you, a first time mom who had tried for a baby for years and had a successful career, etc."

Katie Lee shared a second message from a different follower who reassured her she was doing just fine.katieleebiegel/ Instagram

This follower gave Lee a glimpse into the future. "He's now 19 months old and crawled, walked, and now sprints and climbs with ease," she wrote. "...Do what feels right for you. Your baby will let you know when and what they need. You're doing a great job! Enjoy every moment."

"Messages like these are why I love my followers," Lee wrote when she shared the note on her Instagram stories.