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Katie Lee Biegel offers cute glimpse of her 'sweet and cuddly' baby girl on TODAY

"I love being this baby’s mom more than anything in the world," the Food Network star said.
/ Source: TODAY

Katie Lee Biegel appeared on TODAY to cook, but her baby girl stole the show.

Biegel joined TODAY on Tuesday and before she shared a pair of recipes, she brought daughter Iris out with her.

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“You want to see the baby? It’s all about the baby, right?” she asked before stepping away for a moment and returning with Iris, prompting Hoda Kotb, Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, Jenna Bush Hager and Al Roker to “aww” in unison as Biegel waved the little girl’s hand.

“That’s a bundle of love right there,” Al said.

Hoda asked the Food Network star if she loves being a mother.

“Oh my gosh. I love being this baby’s mom more than anything in the world. I mean, she’s just so sweet and cuddly. She’s very well fed, if you can’t tell,” she said laughing.

The baby got a little fussy as Biegel, 39, said she has taken her husband’s name.

“I’m going to give her to Grandma. Grandma’s sitting here,” she said as she stepped out of frame again to hand off Iris.

And while viewers didn’t see Iris again, they heard from her when she cried a couple of times, including when her mother was whipping up her creamy spinach and artichoke pasta.

“Iris loves it!” Craig exclaimed.

“Iris says, ‘Yeah, Mommy, I’ll take that,” Biegel said.

Biegel and her husband, Ryan, welcomed Iris last September. They announced they were expecting in February 2020 after she had been open about their struggles to get pregnant.

“It is really hard to put on a happy face,” she wrote in an Instagram post in 2019 about their difficulties. “Fertility issues are supposed to be private so many of us are silently in pain. I hesitated to share this but I feel comfort when I hear others’ stories and I hope any of you in a similar situation know you are not alone.

“When people ask me when I’m getting pregnant, it hurts. It’s just a reminder that I’m not. When they say I look like I’ve gained weight, I have. I can’t exercise as much and the hormones have made me bloated.”

Biegel, who joked with TODAY in December that she is "obsessed" with Iris, has also had critics after giving birth, including one of her Instagram followers who suggested Biegel was holding the baby too much.

"Mom shame, much? Not to worry, my baby gets plenty of tummy time, activity time, etc." Biegel responded.