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Katherine Heigl shows off baby bump, says working out is '10 times harder' now

The star of "Knocked Up" shows her gritty (but beautiful) reality of being pregnant with her third child.
/ Source: TODAY

Former "Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl is well on the road these days with her first pregnancy, and it turns out she's learned a few things along the way about eating right and working out — and just how hard both are to do.

She shared a lovely photo of herself with her baby bump on Tuesday, noting that she was 19 weeks along (Heigl has two adopted daughters, Nancy, 7, and Adalaide, 4, with husband Josh Kelley) and noted in an accompanying blog post:

"I thought it only right that I share my hard gained wisdom with all of you presently, and planning to be, gestating ladies out there," Heigl, 37, wrote. "I'm joking, I basically know nothing, but there are a few things that I have discovered during the last 19 weeks that have vastly improved my pregnancy experience."

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She listed several apps and websites that have been useful, offering a shoutout to EatingWell, which she says is like having a personal nutritionist. And, she added, it helped steer her away from her early pregnancy instincts:

"The first month of my pregnancy I was eating bowls of fettuccine Alfredo and huge slices of chocolate cake, all the while telling myself I was eating for two," she wrote. "Had I continued on this path I would have put on far more weight than I wanted to and been compromising the babies and my health."

What's also proved to be tough is going to the gym with a baby on board.

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"It’s hard enough for me to get motivated to work out when I’m not pregnant but now that I am it’s 10 times harder," she wrote. "I’m not up for weight training, lengthy cardio workouts, or any of those new and fashionable exercise classes. What I am up for is yoga.”

Hey, we feel you, Katherine. We want to eat bowls of pasta and plates of cake all the time and don't want to work out. And some of us aren't even pregnant!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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