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Kate Beckinsale shares daughter Lily's cute first, last school pics

Kate Beckinsale's fans know she loves to post madcap pics to Instagram. On Monday, the British actress went the poignant route.
/ Source: TODAY

Kate Beckinsale's fans know she loves to post madcap pics to Instagram. But, on Monday, the British actress went the poignant route, sharing sweet side-by-side photos of her teenage daughter, Lily, on her very first day of school and her "last first day" of school.

In the first pic, Lily appears as an excited little girl in a powder blue dress. In the next, the now-17-year-old, wearing black pants and a white T-shirt, looks just like her mom.

"First first day of school/last first day of school. Love you so much @lily_beckinsale," the "Love & Friendship" star wrote in the caption.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

It was a touching moment from Beckinsale, who often shares silly photos of herself and her family, including her former partner — and Lily's father — "Masters of Sex" star Michael Sheen.

Last May, to honor Lily's 17th birthday, the trio famously re-created a snapshot taken on the day she was born.

That week, during a chat with "The Late Late Show" host James Corden, Beckinsale shared another photo they re-created the year before for Lily's 16th birthday, in which the teen is seen crawling out from under her mom's leg.

"Lily is doing the 'Yikes, I'm coming out of a vagina face,'" Beckinsale, 43, joked.

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The actress has also proudly shared a photo of herself dressed as a part of the male anatomy.

Her ex's current girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, also gets in on the goofiness. In 2014, the funny lady shared a photo of herself making a face in front of a televised image of an utterly stunning Beckinsale.

"I can't believe my boyfriend ever dated this PIG," Silverman joked in the caption.

Beckinsale likely chuckled. She told the hosts of "The Talk" she considers Silverman part of the fun-loving family, and is glad Lily has another "good, strong, cool woman" as a role model.

"I love Sarah," Beckinsale said. "I'd love her if she didn't have anything to do with Michael. I'm just glad Michael found her."