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JWoww of 'Jersey Shore' moved to tears after sharing son's developmental struggles

After sharing her 2-year-old's developmental struggles on "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," the reality star was met with sympathy and understanding from fans.
JWoww & son
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/ Source: TODAY

Jenni "JWoww" Farley got serious on the season two premiere of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" last week, as she opened up about her little boy, Greyson.

The toddler turned 2 while filming, and during the episode, JWoww revealed that he has yet to speak. After the episode aired, her fans sympathized with Greyson's developmental struggles and offered her their full support.

"I just started crying holding him," JWoww told E! News during a red carpet chat Sunday. "I was like, 'So many people love you!'"

And JWoww spoke directly to those people via a post to Instagram days earlier.

"To everyone that tuned into @jerseyshore last night and messaged, commented etc about (Greyson) with similar stories or just showing love I cant thank you enough," the 32-year-old wrote alongside a sweet photo and video featuring her son.

She said that learning that her son was "behind" or "delayed" was devastating, "but only for a moment."

"That moment came from wanting to have 'perfect children' and 'how could this happen to me?'" she explained. "But Grey is PERFECT and it CAN happen to anyone.. I saw that last night when the messages came in by the hundreds. I decided to share that side of my family on Jersey Shore because I want to help anyone going through what I’m going through... I’m sure people need support the way I’ve needed it."

The reality TV star said that her son has undergone dietary changes, is in therapy three times a week and has shown some improvement.

"I’ve had almost every test done you can think of because I’ll never accept that this is best case for Grey," she continued. "I’ll always think outside the box and do anything that will try and help him achieve nothing short of greatness."

Greyson is JWoww's youngest child with husband Roger Mathews, whom she met during the first season of the original run of "Jersey Shore." They also have a daughter, 4-year-old Meilani.

"I will fight for you two until my last breath," she added in her post. "And continue to fight for you after death."