June joy: TODAY's Babies of the Week

We kick off this first weekend of June with our own, special form of sunshine: our TODAY's Babies of the Week. 


And the moms and dads of these babes already know a thing or two about parenting. Some key advice from them:

“Share those late night feedings to take the edge off the sleep deprivation," say Jessica and Scott Hogenson, the parents of Lorelei Nicole Hogenson, born May 1. 

"Everything you need to be successful is already within you,” advise Chavonne and Schubert Perotte, parents of Madison Paige Perotte, born May 22.

And this gem from Emily and Jeremy Long, the parents of Asher Reid Long, born April 28: “When your baby is beet red and screaming for no reason, hold that sweet, tiny face and realize that someday when they are grown up you’ll actually wish you had that moment back.” 

Each week, Kathie Lee and Hoda select a few JOHNSON'S Babies of the Week to be featured on TODAY. And because your kids are way too cute to stop there, we choose more little ones for our online gallery. 

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And here, some more summer darlings including Lorelei, Madison and Asher. Thanks to all who shared photos and happy weekend!