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Jordan Peele's other big morning moment: Baby slept through the night!

Actress Chelsea Peretti and director Jordan Peele had already won the morning even before his film "Get Out" received four Oscar nominations.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It's been a big day for writer/director Jordan Peele, 38, and his wife, actress Chelsea Peretti, 39. Tuesday morning, Peele received three Oscar nominations for writing, directing, and producing the movie "Get Out." He is only the fifth African-American director to be nominated for Best Director in Oscar history.

His family had another big victory today.

Peretti ("Brooklyn-Nine-Nine") gleefully tweeted (in all caps, of course) about the exciting news: Their 6-month-old baby, Beaumont, slept through the night without waking up to eat.

As any parent knows, this is a very big deal, and the ensuing comments proves it.

"This may be the most exciting relatable news I've heard all morning," Mindy Kaling replied to Peretti's tweet. "IT TRULY PUT ME OVER THE TOP," said Peretti.

"And the Oscar goes to your baby," said Twitter user @betweenjoy.

"That's like getting an Oscar for parenthood, right?" @kleinnachtmusik mused.

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"I saw this before I saw the Oscar stuff and I think this is possibly the bigger news to be honest," wrote Erica Joy Baker. "Both are extremely dope though, congrats!"

Whether Baby Beaumont's daddy wins or loses at the Academy Awards, his parents already feel like winners. The real question is, will he sleep through the night again tonight?