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John Stamos opens up about son's birth: Wife's delivery took 'about 20 minutes'

"Fuller House" star, John Stamos, talked about being a dad just days after welcoming the birth of his first child, Billy Stamos, with new wife Caitlin McHugh.
/ Source: TODAY

For years we've known him as Uncle Jesse, but now "Fuller House" star John Stamos is embracing being a dad.

The first-time father, 54, phoned in to "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" on Thursday and gushed about his son, Billy, just days after he and new wife Caitlin McHugh, 31, welcomed the little boy.

"We just kind of crammed everything in because it’s been so great," the actor said of getting engaged, married and having a child all within the past year. "It’s so beautiful having a baby. You have to do it, Ryan."

Stamos even joked that since welcoming Billy, "everything is greener and bluer."

"I’m looking out the window right now and … I see all kinds of different colors. Different poop colors," he quipped. “There’s green, there’s yellow, I saw some blue this morning which I thought was weird."

John Stamos And Caitlin McHugh Expecting A Baby
Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, tied the knot on Feb. 3. Rachel Murray / Getty Images

The actor revealed he knew right away he wanted to start a family with McHugh.

"People are probably sick of me saying I always wanted a kid, but it just happened and I guess I was waiting for the perfect wife, which I have," said the star. "Caitlin, she’s been so graceful through this whole thing."'

He went on to tell Seacrest's co-host Sisanie, who's pregnant with twins, he hopes her labor is as easy as McHugh's was.

"I hope you have a delivery like she did because it was about 20 minutes. A little baby came out and he looked just like Don Rickles," he joked.

Though he was clearly in a giddy mood, Stamos choked up when he talked about naming Billy after his late father, William Stamos.

“I named him after my father who was my hero,” he shared. “I hope I live up to what my dad did ... He was always bigger than life to me so I’m happy to honor him with our little Billy."

"I'm starting to cry right now, Ryan!" he added. "I'm so emotional."