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John Stamos gets called out on social media for baby-carrier fail

New dad John Stamos has his heart in the right place for sure. His baby? Not so much.
/ Source: TODAY

In a world full of mommy shaming, it's important to note that sometimes daddies get flak, too.

That's a lesson John Stamos learned after sharing a shot of his son, 2-month-old Billy, taking in the sights of Times Square while strapped into a baby carrier — which dad soon found out he was wearing all wrong.

The "Fuller House" star wrote, "The Stamos boys take Manhattan," alongside a photo of himself outfitted with a sturdy carrier with little Billy facing forward.

That last detail is the problematic part — as many of the actor's fans and followers pointed out in the comments section.

"The baby should not be facing forward if he doesn’t have full head control," one wrote. Another added, "He's too young to comfortably and safely be worn forward facing!"

Jennifer Beall Saxton, founder and CEO of The Tot Squad, a baby gear services company, says that while baby Stamos is a little too young to be facing forward, it's clear from the photo that "Billy is not at an immediate risk."

While instructions for individual baby carriers vary, Saxton recommends that babies be harnessed facing the parent until at least 6 months old, by which time they can better control their heads. This position also allows the parent to see the baby's mouth, so they can make sure the infant's airway is not obstructed by the position of their head.

"Billy is likely a little young to be forward facing in the carrier," said Saxton.

"However, the 'experts' of the internet will nitpick people not knowing the comparative risks," the baby safety expert told TODAY.

"The baby is clearly being properly taken care of and loved," said Saxton. "There could be more tweaks that (John Stamos) would make for a more ideal situation — knowing that he is a high-profile example for other families as a celebrity."

While being schooled on social media when you just want to show off a cute shot of your baby may not be the most enjoyable way to learn a safety lesson, sometimes it works.

Just ask Ryan Reynolds, who, in 2015, was called out for loading his little one — then-infant daughter James — the wrong way in a similar carrier.

"The baby is not properly secured in the vessel that I'm wearing there," he told TODAY shortly after getting a lot of grief about it. "You know, I'm a first-time dad and that is not the first mistake I've made — and I can guarantee you it won't be last."

Reynolds is now a veteran father with two kids, but that first-timer excuse is still good for Stamos. TODAY reached out to John Stamos for comment but did not hear back.

Most importantly, said Saxton, his heart is clearly positioned in the exact right place.

"He’s not demonstrating best practice, at the same time he's clearly actively involved with his baby," said Saxton. And that's a good look.

"Is there anything sexier than John Stamos wearing a baby carrier?"