John Legend shares new baby pic, while Chrissy Teigen talks diapers — for her!

/ Source: TODAY

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were prepared for the arrival of their baby girl Luna last week, but even so, they still needed to get some last-minute diapers — for mom.

Now that Teigen's back home and enjoying these days of new-baby-bliss, she's also back to Twitter and getting real about life post-pregnancy.

Yes, even for celebrity moms, giving birth isn't exactly a glamorous process.

With that reality in mind, she picked out what might be the most practical push present — or joke about a push present — we've seen yet.

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And when one fan told Teigen that breastfeeding often brings along a leaky surprise, the new mom explained that she's already well aware of that.

But what about the new dad? Legend left the blunt life-with-baby banter to his wife, and he simply posted a new photo of their daughter on Instagram without any comment.

This is the first photo of Luna that mom or dad has shared that shows her face — and shows off her striking resemblance to both parents.

In other words, she's one beautiful baby!

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