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John Legend explains why mommy-shaming Chrissy Teigen just isn't fair

The singer-songwriter visited TODAY and talked about baby Luna, wife Chrissy Teigen and the double standards of parent shaming.
/ Source: TODAY

When new parents John Legend and Chrissy Teigen hit the town without baby Luna in tow last month, there was swift backlash online — but just for mom.

Both Teigen and her singer-songwriter husband took the mommy-shamers to task over it at the time, and during a Thursday morning visit to TODAY, Legend explained why that was so important.

"If you're saying she's a terrible parent for leaving the child at home — and she's not, obviously — but if you're going to say it to her, then say it to me, too," he insisted.

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Because, after all, mom wasn't the only one who decided to go out and have a child-free good time.

But the reality is that there was no need to shame anyone about it.

"You know, every once in a while, you have to take care of yourselves as a couple," Legend said of their date night. "We've got Chrissy's mom at home. We've got a great baby nurse. We've got all kinds of help — and we know Luna's in good hands when we do have a chance to leave the house."

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And when they are home, they're as hands-on as any other parents.

"We do sleep less, but I'm just adjusting," he said. "I think people have been having kids for a long time — we're not the first people to do it. And I think your body just figures it out. But we're having a great time."

Who wouldn't be having a great time with a bundle of joy like this around?

Of course, those photos reveal that lovely Luna takes after both of her parents — though some say she favors her dad a little bit more. But that's just where looks are concerned.

"She's making a lot of noise, but I wouldn't call it singing yet," Legend laughed. "She's got a strong voice, I will say that much!"

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