Jimmy Kimmel shares more hilarious 'I ate your Halloween candy' kid prank footage

/ Source: TODAY

Good news for grown-ups who get a kick out of Jimmy Kimmel's annual "I ate your Halloween candy" prank — we've got even more footage of kids freaking out.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host shared a special bonus edition from this year's trick-or-treat tantrums on Thursday.

"Unfortunately, many parents sent in their videos late," Kimmel explained during his opening monologue. "But we got so many strong submissions after that deadline. We didn't feel right ignoring them."

If you're new to the prank, the premise is pretty simple: Each year, Kimmel asks parents at home to film the action as they tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy while they were asleep.

The result? Tears, disbelief, utter chaos. It's as mean as it is hilarious!

And this bonus batch doesn't disappoint.

Jimmy Kimmel released a bonus batch from this year's "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" prank.YouTube

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The emotions, as always, run the gamut, from the devastated little girl who asks, "Are you serious?" and bursts into tears, to the sweet little boy who tells his mom, "That's okay," and assures her he still loves her.

Parents at home film the action as they tell their children they ate their Halloween candy while they were asleep.YouTube

One boy just couldn't handle the awful news and ran out the door and down the street.

Don't miss the sophisticated little fella near the end who tells his parents, "I know this is the Jimmy Kimmel trick!" adding, "That used to be my favorite show."