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Jimmy Kimmel shares how his daughter's birthday party went hilariously wrong

It was all fun and games until the "Paw Patrol" pinata got beaten to a pulp.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Kimmel's youngest daughter, Jane, recently turned 4 and her birthday bash was a blast — until the piñata portion of the party.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host, 50, shared the hilarious story during his monologue Tuesday night, explaining the piñata in question was covered with images of the cartoon dogs of "Paw Patrol," Jane's favorite TV show.

"It was a terrible piñata, it wasn't even shaped like anything, just a rectangle with four dogs on it, one of which was Chase — that's her favorite dog, Chase. He's a police dog," he shared.

Kimmel, his wife, Molly McNearney, and other parents watched as the party's tiny, candy-crazed attendees "took turns beating (the piñata) and each other," he said.

"Finally, they cracked this thing open and the candy comes out and they all dive in and fight each other for it. It's horrible. It's like Black Friday for kids," he joked.

After the mad grab for Reese's Pieces and other treats, the rowdy partygoers settled down. That's when McNearney noticed little Jane staring sadly at the remains of her piñata — and all those adorable "Paw Patrol" characters "in little puppy pieces on the ground."

"Jane looks at it, and says to no one in particular, 'I can't believe we beat up Chase.' And then she goes — and I don't know where she got this — but she goes, 'Look at these guys, they never saw it coming,'" Kimmel shared, giggling.

The late-night funnyman and his little girl obviously share a special bond — one that's evident in the many photos he posts of her at the breakfast table.

The dad of four frequently delights Jane with his elaborate custom pancakes in the shape of race cars, animals and cartoon favorites like Dory and Oscar the Grouch.

What a great dad!