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Jimmy Kimmel's annual Halloween candy prank has kids ready to call the police

The late-night host's annual Halloween prank had kids threatening to call the cops and lecturing their parents after believing mom and dad ate their candy.
/ Source: TODAY

A lot of angry kids have a bone to pick with "Jimmy Pickle" after his latest Halloween prank.

Jimmy Kimmel's ninth annual call for parents to tell their children they ate all of their Halloween candy and film the kids' reaction resulted in everything from threats to call the police to tears and screams of agony.

Just when it looked like the kids were wising up to Kimmel's prank last year, there's always a new crop of unsuspecting children ready to blow up at a moment's notice when told their precious candy is gone.

"This is the worst Halloween I ever had because of you, dummy stupid pants!'' one girl says.

Two other children wonder who this "Jimmy Pickle" is who put their parents up to it.

Another little girl believes a possible felony may have been committed.

"I'm gonna call the police,'' she says.

Other kids contemplate running away from home after such a monstrous act.

"We hate you, we don't want to live with you anymore!'' one screaming girl says.

"That's so rude of you!" another boy says.

Then there's the little girl who was thinking more about the practical side of what could happen from eating all that candy.

"Yes, but don't do it again, it will make you very sick,'' she says. "You will have to poop all that out!"

Admittedly, she has a point.

Be on guard for next year, kids!