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Watch Jimmy Kimmel read his new children's book, 'The Serious Goose,' to his kids

The late-night host is making sure the profits from the book go to a good cause.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Kimmel has a way with words, not to mention kids.

In a segment on Monday night’s episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," the comedian read his new children’s book, “The Serious Goose,” to his children, Jane, 5, and Billy, 2, while hidden cameras captured the experience.

Kimmel wrote and illustrated the book, which has plenty of meaning, since his nickname for Jane is Goose. He also dedicated it to both kids.

Kimmel did his best to read the book but, like many parents tasked with reading to their children, he struggled with a few distractions.

Billy was focused on eating oranges, and Jane got consumed with putting her fingers in her nose and making funny faces when she saw a page with a mirror on it.

Kimmel powered his way through the story and, once he wrapped up, Jane noticed the camera, at which point Kimmel instructed the tykes to say hello.

“The Serious Goose” isn’t just a way for Kimmel to make a quick buck. All the proceeds he makes from it will go to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and various other children’s hospitals around the country.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is where Billy underwent surgery for a heart defect three days after he was born. He had a second procedure a few months later.

Kimmel was very open about Billy’s experience and how it affected him. In a monologue on his show after the first surgery, he got choked up while speaking about how everyone deserves access to health care.

"If your baby is going to die — and it doesn't have to — it shouldn't matter how much money you make,” he said.