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Jimmy Kimmel has a brilliant idea for Elf on the Shelf

A new business idea and a robot vacuum could be a shortcut to ease the burden of having the Elf on the Shelf appear in a new spot around the house every day.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Kimmel has seen the magic of the Elf on the Shelf firsthand when it comes to making sure his own children share their toys during the Christmas season because they know the Elf is watching.

He also knows that making sure the Elf is in a new spot every day can be a chore, so the late-night host has a few hilarious suggestions on how to ease that burden.

"There needs to be a service that comes to your house and moves the Elf around for you,'' he said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night.

Since that business doesn't actually exist, Kimmel had one other idea that could kill two birds with one stone - cleaning the house and moving the Elf.

"Tonight I'm just gonna duct tape the Elf to a Roomba and let it move around itself,'' he said.

Kimmel watched recently as his daughter, Jane, 4, shared a toy with his son, Billy, 1, all thanks to the Elf's watchful eye.

"She gives it to him like, 'Billy, I know this is mine, but I want you to play with it,' and then I swear to God she did this - she turned and winked at the Elf,'' he said.

As effective as the Elf has been, it requires some work to make sure he's in a new spot every day leading up to Christmas.

"I set an alarm in my bed so I could go back into her room to move the Elf while she was sleeping,'' Kimmel said. "I know we're gonna forget about it. I can barely keep up with the Tooth Fairy."

Kimmel has also seen the elaborate Elf on the Shelf displays on Instagram, like these 21 ideas cooked up by creative parents, but that's not happening in the Kimmel household. Might be time for the Roomba plan.

"We don't do any of that,'' he said. "We're only three nights in. We're already out of shelves to put him on. Last night I stuffed him in a tissue box."