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Jimmy Kimmel asked some kids to explain Easter, and their answers are too good

When Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask kids to explain the meaning of Easter, there were some creative interpretations.
/ Source: TODAY

As anyone who's ever skipped a reading assignment knows, you can pass anything off as an "interpretation" if you say it with enough confidence.

And when Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask some kids to explain the meaning of Easter, they proved that you're never too young to wing it!

If you need a little refresher yourself, the Thursday night segment opened with Kimmel's version of the Easter story. "Jesus came down to earth, taught us to help the poor, love our enemies ... so we killed him," Kimmel explained. "And then he came back. Why? I don't know."

So with that as our baseline, we had some pretty creative versions coming from the younger set.

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Some of them had no religious significance whatsoever. "(Jesus) got toys!" crowed one child. "Legos!"

Others seemed a bit mixed up on their Old and New Testaments. When asked about Jesus, one quick thinker parsed together his knowledge of Easter and the creation story and came up with, "He made a bunny."

Another invoked one of Jesus' most well-known commandments: "He said, 'Bunny, please don't hide the Easter eggs.'" Yeah, bunny. Thou shalt not hide them, please.

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Perhaps the most disturbing (and hilarious) version of the Easter story was one child's solemn proclamation that Jesus died of drugs. We know there was wine at the last supper, but don't think that's what did Him in.

Be honest: Would you have been able to answer Jimmy's question at age 5?