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Jimmy Fallon's monologue collapses into chaos as his daughters take over

As his daughters goofed-off around him, Fallon looked like he'd finally had it.
jimmy fallon tonight show
Jimmy Fallon deadpans to the camera as his daughters climb on him during Thursday night's "Tonight Show."The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
/ Source: TODAY

Like many fellow parents in quarantine and staying home 24/7 with their offspring, “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon is just trying to keep it together.

In his opening monologue Thursday, the father of two appeared to be absolutely over it when Winnie, 6, and Franny, 5, started climbing all over him.

“Hey, sit down, guys in the back,” he said as he tried to tell a joke about North Korea.

“Oh gosh,” Nancy Juvonen, Fallon's wife and camera operator, muttered in the background as Winnie hit her head on a window. She was fine, and they managed to get it together to start the next segment about what people plan to do when quarantine is over. But then the two girls started doing their own comedy bit, pretending they couldn’t see Fallon and then shoving him back and forth as they giggled.

Fallon's daughters shove him back and forth.
Fallon's daughters shove him back and forth.The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Fallon has said before that he loves hanging out with the girls as he films the at-home version of his show due to the ongoing pandemic and is “bonding with them more than ever." He added they don’t quite get what he’s doing with the camera though.

"They're not aware that I'm broadcasting this to millions of people," he said. "So if I have them help me out with a bit, they're very themselves which is cool."

He told People earlier this month that he has even resorted to hiding from them or the occasional bribe.

Regardless, the two little girls have become a hit with his audience.

Winnie recently shared that she lost a tooth, interrupting her dad's interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson. The two also delighted fans when they played with their toys and mostly ignored Fallon as he rattled off jokes during his monologue.