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Jimmy Fallon's daughters take over as adorable announcers of 'The Tonight Show'

This is possibly the cutest introduction to a late night show we’ve ever seen.
/ Source: TODAY

Like all parents working from home, Jimmy Fallon is trying to make it work with his family around.

But he's figured out a way to get them all involved and the comedian's two young daughters, Winnie, 6 and Franny, 5, have quickly become "The Tonight Show" fan favorites.

Tuesday night, Fallon shared his daily monologue with his little helpers serving as the announcers.

Needless to say, it was adorable.

Fallon’s entire family is in on the at-home versions of the show. Besides introducing their dad, the girls have been helping him do his thank-you note bit, judging his monologues (or just ignoring them entirely), providing the graphics and even providing sound effects.

Nancy Juvonen, Fallon’s wife, operates the camera and occasionally appears in front of it for a segment titled “Ask the Fallons.”

Juvonen, who co-founded the production company Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, told New York magazine they had decided to include their kids in the segments to show viewers that their family is just like everyone else’s.

“Look, this is what we’ve got,” Juvonen told the magazine. “The only thing we kept thinking was if we’re not ourselves and authentic and in our sweatshirts and taking walks and being messy and doing life, then (the audience is) going to feel it, and we can’t sustain it.”