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Jessica Simpson shares photo of post-baby leg transformation

Take heart, swollen mamas: Pregnancy cankles aren't forever

After asking fans for their best remedies to cure her swollen ankles during her third pregnancy, Jessica Simpson showcased her legs on Instagram, revealing that her ankles had gone back to their pre-baby status.

"I spy.... my ankles!!!!" she wrote in a post Tuesday.

While swollen ankles aren't usually a major health concern — according to the Mayo Clinic, the swelling tends to go away on its own after the baby is born, and is usually just a sign of fluid retention — they can be annoying, unsightly, and another thing to worry about for already-stressed moms-to-be.

Fans immediately jumped in to celebrate with her, remembering their own pregnancies.

"So happy you're back to your non-swollen pregnant days!" wrote one user. "Babies are such a blessing and our bodies are strong but they def take a beating."

"I remember getting so excited to [see] my bones in my feet again," wrote another. "...I feel ya! Good work!"

Others saw the change as hope for their own futures after pregnancy.

"There is hope for me," wrote one woman, as another poked fun at herself, saying that her ankles were still swollen more than a decade after her daughter was born.

The original post, published in January, showed the star's puffy foot — including the glittery nail polish on her toes — and garnered hundreds of helpful suggestions on how to treat the swelling, including recommendations for Epsom salt baths, keeping her feet elevated, and the always-sound advice of checking in with a doctor.

This isn't the first time the star has been hilariously real about her pregnancy. She gave birth to her daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, in March, but we'll always be able to look back on her Instagram posts, including a candid of herself in a sleep recliner after a bout of acid reflux, another common pregnancy symptom.

The singer also admitted to having broken a toilet seat by leaning back on it in February, just a month before Birdie Mae was born.

While the birth of her third daughter has obviously brought an end to the pregnancy posts, they're sure to be replaced by candid looks at mom life as Birdie Mae and her siblings, Ace and Maxwell, grow up.