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Jessica Simpson's son gives younger sister Birdie Mae quite a hairdo

Hey, we get the point!
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Simpson's son Ace, 7, has been having a hairy time at home lately.

That's because he managed to get his hands (and probably some hair care products) on his sister Birdie, 23 months, and gave her a whole new ... uh, look.

"This is what happens when your brother does your hair," Simpson, 40, wrote in the Instagram caption, which shows a done-up (seriously up) Birdie Mae sitting on a sofa and ready to poke someone's eye out with her hair all frozen into an upright ponytail.

We're guessing he got his hands on mom's hair gel or spray, then decided to see what creative devilry he could get into with both.

"Next time I come I'm making him my assistant @jessicasimpson," hairstylist Rita Hazan joked in the comments.

Simpson and husband Eric Johnson have three children together: Ace, Birdie and daughter Maxwell, 8. Simpson told People magazine last September that little Birdie has a special bond with her big brother. His name was even her first word, a la Lisa Simpson!

"It's so cute to watch my older kids with her," Simpson explained. "My son and her are like BFFs! The cutest. When Birdie is laughing, like cackling, that is a contagious thing throughout the family. Her first word was 'Ace.'"

We think that's pretty Aces, actually.

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