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Jessica Simpson has pregnancy-related problem and asks fans for 'Help!!!!'

Any tips for a mom who needs to stay on her toes?
Jessica Simpson asking fans to help with remedies for her very swollen feet
Jessica Simpson is expecting baby No. 3 soon, but first she needs a little assistance from her fellow moms.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Swelling and fluid retention are common conditions for pregnant women, especially as they enter their final trimester, but knowing that doesn't make painfully puffy feet and ankles any easier to bear.

That's why Jessica Simpson, who'll soon welcome baby No. 3 to the world, is reaching out to her fans and followers for any helpful hints they can offer to combat this situation:

On Thursday, the actress, singer and entrepreneur shared a photo of her left foot, which appeared very swollen — from tips of her toes to her achy bulging ankle.

"Any remedies?! Help!!!!" she wrote in the caption.

It didn't take long for the 38-year-old's fellow moms to chime in.

Some recommended an Epsom salt soak for her feet, while reducing other salts in her diet. Others suggested she keep her feet elevated. Many repeated the always-sound advice to check in with her doctor to make sure all is well.

Jessica Simpson asking fans to help with remedies for her very swollen feet
Fashion Icon Award Honoree Jessica Simpson attends the 25th Annual QVC "FFANY Shoes on Sale" Gala at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on October 11, 2018 in New York City.Getty Images

But one fan simply told her to "deliver that baby."

And while that may not be the easiest advice to follow, it typically does the trick.

The American Pregnancy Association notes that approximately 25 percent of the weight women gain during their pregnancies is due the extra fluids their bodies retain. And according to the Mayo Clinic, the resulting swelling, called edema, usually goes away on its own after the baby is born.

But for Simpson — or anyone else who doesn't want to wait that long — the esteemed medical resource has a few additional suggestions that might help, including staying off your feet, sleeping on your left side and wearing compression stockings during the day.

Simpson announced her pregnancy on Instagram in September, with the help of the two children she shares with husband Eric Johnson — daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace, 5.

With the release of dozens of pink balloons, they revealed that the family is awaiting the arrival of a baby girl.