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Jessica Biel says son Silas is in 'terrible twos,' but she fears the 'three-teens'

/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Biel admits she and husband Justin Timberlake have their hands full with a young son in full-blown “terrible twos” mode.

During a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to promote her new drama series, “The Sinner,” Biel was asked how much her son, Silas, has covered her home in “what you hope is chocolate.”

The 35-year-old actress laughed, but admitted “every square inch.”

“If it’s not the hopeful chocolate, it’s stickers and Play-Doh and gak and crumbs and who knows,” she said. “Everything is covered with everything.”

She also described toys and other small objects she has to “pry out of his little slimy hand” before he heads to sleep to avoid poking himself in the middle of the night.

“God forbid they wake up in the middle of the night,” she said, joking that anyone who visits her at home and is too noisy will automatically get kicked out.

“If you wake my kid up in the middle of the night by accident," she said, "you’re dead to me.”

But while parenting a 2-year-old isn’t a piece of cake, Biel said she partially fears what comes next.

“For me, this is terrible. But I’ve heard so much about the ‘three-teens.’ The 3-year-olds are called three-teens because they're so insane,” she told Colbert. “They’re just like having tiny teenagers, which is way worse than having big teenagers.”

Of course, Biel admitted she wouldn’t have it any other way with her son.

“Listen, it’s not all terrible, by the way. He’s like, the greatest of all time,” she said, admitting: “Now I’m feeling really bad. He’s cute, he’s funny.”